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Jazz Music

The Mississippi Music Institute

Inspire paideia of the performing arts in the local community and public schools.

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The mission of the Mississippi Music Institute (MMI) is to inspire paideia of the performing arts in the local community and public schools using music education and creative dance as a means to deliver quality instruction, community service, and outreach to demographics of underserved and underrepresented people in Mississippi. MMI believes that through these efforts we can work together to address "learning loss in music education" due to the Covid-19 pandemic; extend learning opportunities far beyond our usual arenas; foster the growth of performing arts in the Metro Jackson and surrounding areas.

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The Mississippi Music Institute, established in 2011, is a non-profit organization designed to promote music and dance education (K-12) in Mississippi. MMI offers several performing ensembles for scholars to participate in. These include an all-star marching band; jazz band; concert band; and a majorette dance team. Additionally, MMI offers an adult community marching band for musicians and dancers who are 18 and older. Doing our part to embellish the city's moniker, "City With Soul," and our state's declaration, "The Birthplace of American Music," MMI is committed to advocating for the arts in public education; addressing social and emotional learning; and reducing crime and violence in Mississippi through positive community engagement. Since our inception in 2011, the MMI has operated as a community-based nonprofit instrumental music program for young people in the Jackson and surrounding Metro area aiming to create pathways to educational opportunities for students while providing a positive setting for the youth to participate in constructive activities each summer.

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