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Ways to Give

Using Music To Make A Difference. 

Classical Music Players

1,000 + Students

Supported since 2011 through the community outreach.

Saxophone Player

700 + Students

Transitioned to college after program completion. 

Playing Saxophone


Programs to support community growth. 

Your DONATION supports

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Community Growth

Investing in your community is important. When you donate your money to MMI, funds will be spent locally, boosting the Jackson economy. Our goal is to keep the money flowing in our own community.  The goal is for MMI to build and develop a state-of-the-art facility that can host the ACT workshops, leadership seminars, the performing arts, and athletics (gym, football field, workout facilities). 

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Building Community Care

When you donate money for programs that help the urban youth make their way out of poverty, you are helping to create a population within your community that is stronger. In general, your community is only as strong as your weakest members.

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Student Growth

Investing in MMI will put us in a better position to provide engaging educational opportunities for the youth in the City of Jackson and immediate surrounding areas. 

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MMI believes that children in the City of Jackson deserve equitable access to high-quality "out-of-the-classroom experiences", i.e., field trips, performances, etc... Additionally, your donations will provide these young people access to quality instruments, equipment, instructors, and uniforms. 

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