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MMI Programs

The Mississippi Music Institute (MMI) is offering a comprehensive summer and afterschool instrumental music program designed to deliver high-quality "hands-on" musical instruction to the scholars of the public school districts in Mississippi. Music education and participation in thereof have declined significantly in our public schools and this proposal, aligned with the district's core values and Mississippi's College and Career Readiness Arts Learning Standards for Music, will provide scholars with the fundamental skills to be successful in the performing arts. As a result, instrumental ensembles in all middle and high schools will see a significant rise in high-quality work and scholarly participation because of the commitment to provide scholars with engaging educational opportunities.


Marching to Our Future

Marching to our Future is designed to expose children to the various components of music education, i.e., history, theory, and/or performance through instrumental music instruction while providing a "wrap-around support system" for scholars that traditionally do not receive supplemental learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting. 


Mississippi Alumni All-Star Band

The Mississippi Alumni All-Star Band, also known as the "MAAB", is a unique performing ensemble. MAAB was created in the summer of 2011 and it brings the best of Mississippi’s young musicians together to perform during the summer months. MAAB has been invited to perform all over the United States, and plans to accept invitations abroad! The band has adopted the mantra, "The People's Band", because if you have the desire to join and play with fellow musicians, then we want you! We accept everyone that shares our love for music and performance because we truly believe that music is the universal language!


MAAB Squad

This dynamic group of ladies accompanies the Mississippi Alumni All-Star Band (MAAB) to each and every performance.  Rated the #1 summer dance line by a plethora of social media influencers, the award-winning & nationally televised MAAB Squad brings a show you don't want to miss!

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Magnolia All-Star Marching Band

An extension of the Marching to Our Future Program, the Magnolia All-Star Marching Band is an ensemble comprised of the best and brightest music scholars in the Jackson Metro Area and immediate surrounding counties.  Students in grades 7th through 12th are encouraged to participate. 

Music Class

Jackson Youth Drum Factory

A comprehensive summer and after-school performing arts program designed to deliver high-quality "hands-on" instruction to the scholars in grades K-8.

Independence Showdown Battle of the Bands

Independence Showdown Battle of the Bands

Our biggest and most successful fundraiser, The Annual Independence Showdown Battle of the Bands, is the City of Jackson's premier summertime event.  This fun-filled family event features MMI’s Mississippi Alumni All-Star Band and Magnolia All-Stars along with several community marching bands from various states.

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